Course Planning

Full-Time Student Course Plan

The full-time academic course load has a set progression over three terms, allowing students to complete the program in one year. 

Fall Term
Winter Term
Summer Term
PA 9901
Advanced Local Government
PA 9902
Policy Process in Local Government
PA 9923
Strategic Planning & Management
PA 9903
Organizational Behaviour
PA 9904
Local Government Management
PA 9917
Issues in Local Government
PA 9914
Research Design & Methods
PA 9911
Municipal Law
PA 9915
Program Evaluation
PA 9912
Financial Management
PA 9916
Theories of Public Administration
PA 9913
Local Economic Development
Program Milestone: Masters Research Report

For course content information visit the Courses page. 

Part-Time Student Course Plans

Part-Time students should plan their academic progression well in advance.  Part-time tuition is the same amount for 0, 1 or 2 courses, so it is not ideal for a student to have no courses left to take in a term.  To assist you, we have developed several course plan options for you to choose from.  Any modification to these approved course plans requires permission from the Program Director. 

Course Exemption 

MPA students with extensive academic and professional experience in a field that pertains directly to a specific course topic, may be eligible for an exemption from that course. Eligible students must submit their request for exemption in writing to the Program Director. Most exemptions are granted for either PA 9911 Municipal Law or PA 9912 Financial Management. 

The criteria for approval are:
1. The student must have a mangement-level employment experience in the field (e.g., municipal lawyer or treasurer)
2. The student must hold or be working towards a professional designation in the field (e.g., with the Law Society of Ontario or CPA Ontario)
3. The student must have taken courses covering similar topics at either the undergraduate or graduate level

General Guidelines to Follow

Should a student wish to adjust one of the approved plans, please keep the following in mind:

  • PA 9901 must be taken before PA 9902.
  • PA 9903 must be taken before PA 9904.
  • PA 9916 should be taken near the beginning of the program.
  • PA 9914 should be taken about half way through the program and must be taken before PA 9917.
  • PA 9915 should be taken before PA 9913 if possible.
  • PA 9917 should be taken in your final summer term.