Course Planning

Developing a Course Plan

Part-Time students must plan their academic progression well in advance.  The program has developed a course planning tool to aid in this process.  Although the tool does include a recommended course plan, students have the ability to work with the program coordinator to develop an alternate plan that suits their needs.

Course plans are not binding, but they are used for enrolment planning and faculty hiring so deviations require consultation with the program coordinator.

The course planning tool can be download:

General Guidelines to Follow

When developing a course plan please consider the recommended plans contained the the course planning tool document.

Should a student wish to adjust one of those plans, please keep the following in mind:

  • Students can take 0, 1, or 2 courses per term.
  • Tuition is charged per term and is the same amount for 0, 1, or 2 courses.
  • PA 9901 must be taken before PA 9902.
  • PA 9903 must be taken before PA 9904.
  • PA 9916 should be taken near the beginning of the program.
  • PA 9914 should be taken about half way through the program.
  • PA 9915 should be taken before PA 9913 if possible.
  • PA 9917 should be taken in your final summer term.
  • PA 9931 should be your final course, it requires no in class time.
  • PA 9931 can be taken in any term and can be the third course in your final term.