"The MPA program has been an essential and critical piece of my personal development. The program offers very strategic insight into policy development, governance structure and principled strategic decision making. This program is a must for anyone striving for senior leadership in public service."


"Completing the MPA program was an amazing experience. It was very applicable to my day to day work. It brought theory together with practical experiences. It brought different perspectives between experienced professionals and new graduates and provided a great forum for sharing. Not only was this learning valuable but before even finishing the MPA opened new opportunities for my career growth. I would certainly recommend the program to prospective students."


“To this day, I attribute many of the skills and comprehensive analytical thinking that I use daily to the course work, readings and active classroom participation that I experienced during my involvement with the MPA Program.”

"I was a member of the first graduating class of in-career MPA students in 1992. What I'll always treasure about the Program was the exchange of information based on real-world practice of local government managers. It complimented the in-class instruction. The Western MPA Program was a definite asset to my professional career as a local government manager.”

"Local Government Alumni are leaders in their own right and many of our Alumni hold key leadership positions in the public sector. The Local Government Program provides Graduates with the academic foundation and networking opportunities to pave their way to career success."

“The University of Western Ontario’s MPA program provides a unique opportunity to learn alongside professionals already employed in the public sector across the province. Getting a glimpse of how senior managers make decisions is irreplaceable as you transition from academic life to the work place. For me personally, being immersed in the classroom with experienced executives provided a level of confidence once I moved from the classroom to the boardroom that has allowed me to translate my own ideas into actions.”