Local Government Case Studies

Since 1983 the Local Government Program has published a series of case studies focusing on specific problems and issues in Canadian municipal and regional governance. These cases are ideally suited for use as course readings and resource materials. The series editor welcomes the submission of new manuscripts for consideration.

  • Beecroft, Eric, Restructuring an Ontario County: The Oxford Achievement, 1983, 160 pages. Allan O'Brien, editor. (1984 - out of print)
  • Sancton, Andrew, Municipal Government and Social Services: A Case Study of London, Ontario, 1986, 62 pages. Allan O'Brien, editor.
  • Frisken, Frances, City Policy-Making in Theory and Practice: The Case of Toronto's Downtown Plan, 1988, 101 pages. Andrew Sancton, editor.
  • Montgomery, Byron, Annexation and Restructuring in Sarnia-Lambton, 1990, 87 pages. Andrew Sancton, editor.
  • Armstrong, Cy, Thoughts on Canadian Municipal Management: St. Catharines, Hamilton-Wentworth, and Edmonton, 1992, 53 pages. Andrew Sancton, editor.
  • Cote, Victor, A Program of Change for the London Transit Commission, 1994, 68 pages. Michael Keating, editor.
  • Fernandes, Peter P., Capital Budgeting and Project Planning, 1995, 50 pages. Michael Keating, editor.
  • Stelman, Ursula M., Winnipeg's Main Street: A Search for Meaning, 1998, 98 pages. Michael Keating, editor.
  • Burr, Catherine and Agocs, Carol, Employee Involvement? A Case Study of A Quality Circle in a Municipality, 1999, 38 pages.
  • Hollick, Thomas R., and Siegal,Evolution, Revolution, Amalgamation: Restructuring in Three Ontario Municipalities, 2001, 354 pages.

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