Application Process

For City of London Employees Only.  Other interested individuals can apply to our regular on-campus program.

The one-year program (September – August) consists of the following courses:  

  • Advanced Local Government
  • Policy Process in Local Government
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Local Government Management/Administration  

The courses are 2 hours and are held twice per week – once at City Hall/City Facility (during the workday) and once at Western University (in the early evening). Students will have the opportunity to attend classes with other Western Graduate DPA students as well as Master of Public Administration (MPA) students. After completion of the four courses, each student is required to submit a research paper.  

Each year we have a limited number of spots available for City of London employees.  Employees interested in being considered for this opportunity should send a completed application form (see attached) and relevant documentation to Cristin Keller, Talent Development, A. J. Tyler Operations Centre.  Please check first to ensure there is an active application cycle open.

Criteria used to assess each application will include:

  • Total years of work experience
  • Experience leading or managing a team/project
  • Previous learning and development activities
  • Future learning and development plans
  • Past performance and identified future potential
  • Level of management support for the application  

Only selected employees will be invited to complete a formal application by applying online to Western University and paying the required application fee (which is expected to be $120 in 2019). (It should be noted that employees who are not selected might consider applying directly to Western’s on-campus Graduate DPA program.)  

If you have additional questions about the Graduate Diploma in Public Administration program, please contact Cristin Keller at 661-2500 ext. 0050 or