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Our Masters of Public Administration students all complete a Faculty supervised major research paper. At the time of submission, students have the ability to release their paper publically. In this section you can access to the research papers conducted by our MPA students. The program does not endorse the content of these papers which are the independent research of the students. The papers are owned by the authors and posted here with their permission.

2010 - Present

NameSupervisorYearFinal Report Title
Bian, Jie M. Horak 2016 The Effectiveness of Using a Public-Private Partnership Model for Urban Rail Transit: The Vancouver Case
Delorme, Robert B. Irwin 2016 Digital Strategies in Local Government: Private Sector and Early Adopters Lessons Learned
Genova, Michael B. Irwin 2016 Should the Niagra Region Chair Be Directly Elected? A comparagitve analysis of Ontario heads of council of upper-tier regional governments and the introduction
Kasimos, Dimitra C. Agocs 2016 Identification of Factors for Successful Implementation of the Incident Management Systems in Ontario Health Unit Emergency Management Programs
Qiu, Ying A. Sancton 2016 The Role of Local Governmnet in China's Urbanization: The Relationship Between Local Land Finance and Government-led Urbanization
Scheid, Dan J. Lyons 2016 Municipal and Developer Success Rates at the Ontario Municipal Board: A London, Ontario Case Study
Shields, Lisa J. Lyons 2016 Driving decision-making: An analysis of policy diffusion and its role in the development and implementation of sidesharing regulations in four Canadian
Steffler, Shelly C. Dick 2016 Housing First in Canada: A New Appraoch to Homelessness and Best Practices for Municiple Implementation
Alexander, Jennifer B. Irwin 2015 The Perfect Storm: Emergency Management Regulations and Small Municipalities in Ontario An Analysis of Small Municipalities in Southwestern Ontario and the Challenges to Implementing Emergency Management Legislation and Proactive Emergency Strategies.
Arnold, Brian A. Sancton 2015 Institutional Collective Action in Ontario’s Fire Service: Conducive and Inhibiting Factors of Local Collaboration of Fire Safety Inspections and Enforcement
Bantock, Chris R. Young 2015 Transitioning The Canadian Democratic System Into The Era of Digital Governance: A Longitudinal Study of First Time Online Voting and Voter Turnout in Ontario Municipalities
Carbert, Neale R. Young 2015 A Matter of Size: An Investigation into How the Size of Municipality Impacts what it Values in a Municipal Association
Chen, Huiwen R. Young 2015 The Study of Knowledge and Attitudes of Students in Chinese Universities Toward Canadian Political and Local Issues
Fearnall, Adam A. Perez 2015 Stories of Youth Politics in Action Uncovering Youth Political Spaces for Local Governments
Smuck, Tim M. Horak 2015 Sharing the Lived Experience of Public Housing: A Critical Discourse Analysis and Perspectives from Residents of Public housing in London, Ontario
Chase, Susan B. Irwin 2014 Open Data and Big Data Programs in Local Government Policy Analysis
Herron, Doug A. Sancton 2014 The Impacts of Land Use Growth Restrictions Upon Municipal Finances: A Comparative Study of a Rural Municipality, an Urban Settlement Municipality, and a Primary Settlement Municipality.
Hersi, Guhad A. Sancton 2014 Visible Minorities: What Individual Characteristics Determine Electoral Success in Municipal Councils in the Greater Toronto Area?
Kittmer, Brent J. Kirkham 2014 Strategic Asset Management in the City of Hamilton: An Analysis of the Integration of Strategic Planning and Management Elements into Municipal Infrastructure Asset Management Programs
Limani, Meli J. Kirkham 2014 Citizen Engagement in Budget Planning in Ontario Municipalities
Puzanov, Marcy B. Irwin 2014 Public Engagement Trends in Southwestern Ontario’s Municipalities
Ruf, Matthew T. Cobban 2014 Food Safety Program Performance in Ontario
Stopar, Natalie A. Sancton 2014 Development Permit System Policy Development in Ontario: Factors that Contribute to Implementation
Touw, Michael Unsupervised 2014 Policing in Ontario: Financial Impacts and Opportunities An Analysis of Police Responsibilities, Cost Drivers and Opportunities for Managing Budgets in a Climate of Austerity
Yeats, Brittney A. Sancton 2014 Post-Secondary Promises: What do Ontario Municipalities Expect to Realize from University Satellite Campuses?
Atlin, Noah M. Horak 2013 Public Participation in Municipal Service Delivery Review Challenges and Opportunities for Ontario’s Municipal Governance
Brick, Jeff R. Young 2013 Landowner Behaviour in the Upper Thames and Grand River Watersheds: A Study of Factors That May Explain the Conservation Behaviour of Farmers
Browne, Zoie M. Horak 2013 The Revitalization of Social Housing An Analysis of Mixed-Income Housing in the City of Toronto
Grigg, Ashley J. Morgan 2013 Municipal Election Compliance Audit Committees: A Review and Critical Analysis
Hayes, Rhiannon M. Horak 2013 Homelessness in Winnipeg, Manitoba: An Analysis of Local Government Inaction
Ju, Xue Agengela A. Sancton 2013 The Regional Variation of Ontario Works: From The Perspective Of Provincial-Municipal Relationship
Mobbs, Adam U. Stelman 2013 Departmental Strategic Planning: Examining the Institutional and Organizational Linkages that Influence Departmental Strategic Planning Processes in Local Government
Patel, Julien R. Young 2013 Explaining Social Media Variation: An analysis of internal municipal factors that shape Canadian Municipal Websites
Sandor, Spencer M. Horak 2013 e-Governance on Ontario Municipal Websites Exploring the Development of e-Governance Tools Used by Ontario Municipal Planning Departments
Sun, Jingyuan Sara J. Kirkham 2013 Affordable Housing Policies: what China could learn from Canada A Case Study of Shanghai
Szabo, Paul A. Sancton 2013 Inter-municipal Transit Governance: An Investigation of Challenges & Opportunities in the Alberta Capital Region
Beauregard, Arthur J. Morgan 2012 Toronto’s Private Tree By-law: Performance Measurement Design and Cost-Benefit Analysis A practical application of integrated management towards greater accountability, policy effectiveness and performance management.
Ceci, Brock T. Cobban 2012 Determinents of Municipal Waste Diversion in Ontario
De Rond, Michael A. Sancton 2012 Ontario Business Improvement Areas: Opportunities Gained and Lost
Dougall, Chandra B. Irwin 2012 Exploring the Use of Web 2.0 Tools by Local Government in Southwestern Ontario
Jiaqing Julie, He A. Sancton 2012 Public Participation in Municipal Budget Decision Process: City of Toronto‟s 2011 Core Service Review
Kalimootoo, Chris C. Burr 2012 Y now An update of Generation Y in the municipal workplace
Qian Angela, Liao A. Sancton 2012 Involuntary Resettlement in Hydroelectric Projects: A Comparison of Chinese and Canadian case studies and implications for best practice
Presta, John A. Sancton 2012 Water Pricing in Ontario: Is the Price Right for Water?
Van Dyk, Heidy C. Burr 2012 No Less a Firefighter: Creating Safe, Healthy and Inclusive Work Environments for Women Firefighters in Ontario
Wiele, Kathy C. Agocs 2012 Ideas Matter: A Comparative Analysis of two Neighbourhood Regeneration Programs associated with the Administrations of two Toronto Mayors between 2005 and 2012.
Bossenberry, Catherine R. Young 2011 Recidivism in Ontario Works in the Region of Waterloo
Coulter, Kelley T. Cobban 2011 A Study of Ontario CAOs: Career progression and the influence of political actors
Crozier, David A. Sancton 2011 The Progression of Open Data Initiatives in Canadian Municipalities: The Evolution of e-Government Services and its Relationship to an Emerging Movement
Fu, Weizheng A. Sancton 2011 Accessibility: Legislation and Implementation in Canada and China: What can Chinese Regional and Local Governments Learn From Ontario (Canada) about How to Design and Implement Accessibility Provisions for the Disabled?
Guyadeen, Dave M. Horak 2011 Affordable housing within a post-welfare state: The case of Toronto
Lajoie, Jennifer C. Burr 2011 Workforce Diversity Management in Ontario Municipalities
Nethery, Joseph T. Cobban 2011 Organizational Behavioural Obstructions between Planners and Implementing the Development Permit System
Palmer, Jacqueline Roseline A. Sancton 2011 Corruption Prevention in Ontario Municipalities: A review of the City of Toronto’s Bellamy Inquiry to determine if government actions are sufficient to eventually eliminate corruption and preserve integrity within Ontario Municipalities.
Tam, Annie J. Kirkham 2011 Aging Related Issues and the Agenda Setting Process: A Comparative Analysis
Tamene, Sewit C. Agocs 2011 Deliberative Democracy and Empowerment: An Analysis of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s Tenant Participation System
Zhong, Xuezi A. Sancton 2011 Expropriating land for public purposes: What China can learn from Canada?
Ali, Umera A. Bigelow 2010 Procurement of Information Technology and Canadian Municipalities
Bumstead, Diana J. Kirkham 2010 Community Engagement in Strengthening Neighbourhood Initiatives
Dolson, Jordan R. Young 2010 Explaining the Variation in the E-Government Characteristics of Municipal Websites: An analysis of E-Content, E-Participation, and Social Media Features in Municipal Websites in Canada
D'Souza, Andrea M. Horak 2010 Assessment of Medium-sized Ontario Municipalities' Hiring Practices
Graves, Wendell A. Sancton 2010 A Study of the 2006 Municipal Elections in Ontario: Analyzing the Effectiveness of the Campaign Period and Campaign Spending of Incumbent Mayors and their bids to be Re-Elected
Hasso, Areej T. Cobban 2010 The Role of Local Government in Social Policy and Program Development: Impacts of Municipal Reform
Hurley, Michael T. Cobban 2010 Public Participation in Canadian Local Government: A Study of the Meadowlily Secondary Plan Process in London, Ontario
King, Heather Bernice R. Young 2010 Active Recreation Incentives For Low Income Adults Living In Rural Communities
Kwok, Siu Ming E. Brunet-Jailly 2010 The role of municipalities in redistribution in Ontario: a study on Ontario Works
Man, Kenneth T. Cobban 2010 How to Shift Into High Gear: An Analysis of the Implementation of London’s Bicycle Master Plan
Markvoort, Peter John A. Sancton 2010 Bill 150: The Green Energy Act: An Analysis of Green Energy Politics in Ontario
McGarva, Robert T. Cobban 2010 The Political Business Cycle in Ontario: An Empirical Analysis of Financial and Demographic Data across Medium to Large-Sized Ontario Municipalities
Ogilvie (Hunt), Glenda A. Bigelow 2010 Tangible Capital Assets Accounting Policy Implementation in Middlesex County
Slotwinski, Matthew R. Young 2010 Law Enforcement Expenditures and Crime Rates in Canadian Municipalities: A Statistical Analysis of How Law Enforcement Expenditures Impact Municipal Crime Rates in Canada
Trglavcnik, Valentina A. Zuidema 2010 EVICTION NOTICE: ARREARS DUE!: A Report on Ontario Social Housing Providers’ Discretion to Evict

2000 - 2009

NameSupervisorYearFinal Report Title
Chait, Stephen C. Agocs 2009 An Analysis of Community Theories and Their Application to a Prescription for Higher Voter Turn-Out in Municipal Elections
Daley, Mathew R. Young 2009 Electoral Cycles in Ontario Municipalities: Does Election Proximity make Local Politicians more Competitive?
Gebremicael, Feven A. Sancton 2009 An Overall Assessment of the Ontario Municipalities Benchmarking Initiative (OMBI)
Hadley, Glenn R. Young 2009 The Identification of Participation Barriers Associated with Employment Testing in the Ontario Constable Selection System
O'Neill, Lois A. Sancton 2009 Policy Process in Ontario: An Analysis of the Process for the Implementation of a By-law to Restrict or Limit the Number of Cats In a Household in an Urban Municipality
Carson, Jessie C. Burr 2008 Managing the Future: Why Some Ontario Municipalities Are Not Engaging In Succession Planning
Down, Carol C. Agocs 2008 Women in Municipal Politics - Barriers to Participation: A Review of Programs to Increase Levels of Women in Local Government
Hicks, Paul A. Sancton 2008 Decentralized Administrations and Decision-making & Effective Policy Implementation: A Study of Agricultural Severances in Southwestern Ontario 2001 to 2007
Shea, Brent C. Agocs 2008 Female Participation in the Police Promotion Process: Are women competing for promotion in numbers proportionate to their statistical representation in policing?
Delorey, Alexander R. Gibbons 2007 The Theory Disconnect: Reconciling Theories of Justice, Ethics, and Morality with the Practice of Public Administration
Evans, Robert Dwayne A. Sancton 2007 Impacts of the Greenbelt Plan on the Agricultural Industry, Case Study: Town of Erin, Wellington County
Harmer, Jennifer M. Horak 2007 Community and Political Participation of Municipal Employees: An analysis of the Community and Political Participation of Municipal Employees in the City of London
Kerby (Scanlan), Beverly A. Sancton 2007 Differences in Population Growth: A case study of tow Eastern Ontario Rural Municipalities
MacKay, Doug A. Sancton 2007 Municipal Capital Works Projects: An Analysis of Scheduling Delays and Cost Escalations
Reddick, Elanie R. Young 2007 Attitudes Toward Public Health Funding:  Results of a Survey that Explored Differences in Support by Ontario Municipal Elected Officials for Local Public Health Programs
Dale, Jason C. Agocs 2006 The Impact of Higher Education on Police Management in Three Ontario Police Services
Elling, Benjamin C. Agocs 2006 No Equity in a Vacuum: Ontario Municipal Diversity Project
Hegedues, Erika C. Agocs 2006 Coping with Diversity: Municipal Actions in Response of Increased Immigrant Diversity in the Cities of Hamilton and Markham in Ontario
Keen, Deborah E. Burnet-Jailly 2006 A Public Policy Analysis: The Affect of Issue Framing and the Policy Network on Environmental Tobacco Smoke Bylaw Development in Peel Region
Poole, Dennis C. Agocs 2006 The Evolution of Community Policing in Chatam-Kent: Citizen Engagement, Organizational Change, and the Neighbourhood Policing Project
Stymiest (Garant), Kelly C. Agocs 2006 Service Delivery Review: The Ontario Experience
Hall, Caspar A. Sancton 2005 Capital Expenditures in Metropolitan Toronto:  A Comparison of the Capital Operations and Written Literature on Capital Infrastructure for the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto
Huang, Tiwei C. Agocs 2005 Comparing Immigrant Services, Practices, Programs, and Policies in the City of London and the City of Toronto:  The Implications for the City of London
MacArthur (Mullen), Anne C. Burr 2005 Watch Your Language: An Analysis of Local Government Collective Agreement Harassment Language
Silva, Luis A. Sancton 2005 Escaping From The Straight Jacket That Baffled Houdini: An Analysis of the Myths and Realities of Empowering Toronto Through a City Charter
Skaith, Eha M. Horak 2005 Killing Bambi:  Decision-Making When Values Clash
Torigian, Matthew 0 2005 Community Mobilization in the Waterloo Regional Police Service
Bradley, Christopher A. Sancton 2004 Potential Alternative Revenue Sources for Municipal Infrastructure Maintenance.  A Case Study:  County OF Peterborough Transportation Infrastructure
Cuylle, Catherine E. Vingilis 2004 Community Accountability in Ontario’s Healthcare Sector:  A Case Study of Six Hospitals
Di Lullo, Michael B. Young 2004 Intergovernmental Relations:  An Analysis to Test the Effectiveness of the Position of an Intergovernmental Relations Officer at the Local Level
Doyle, Lee C. Agocs 2004 Business Process Re-engineering (BPR):  A Tool for Improved Customer Service in Municipalities
Hermann (Siew), Tobi 0 2004 unknown
Jaques, William C. Agocs 2004 The Role of Religious Congregations in Providing Programs and Social Services in the Local Community:  A Case Study of London, Ontario
Zarfas, Kathryn C. Agocs 2004 The Establishment Performance Measures and Indicators for Social Housing in Ontario:  The Background and the Process;  What are the Challenges?
Camacho-Zapata, Yolanda C. Agocs 2003 Feasibility of the New Public Management in Mexico
Charitsis (Zesimopoulos), Matoula A. Sancton 2003 Municipal Structures
Coristine, Ron A. Sancton 2003 How Are We to Govern Ourselves?  The Engagement of Citizens in the Local Government Policy Process
Hutcheon, David A. Sancton 2003 A Grand Experiment in Municipal Governance:  Toronto's Board of Management, 1996-97
Neeley, Lindsay C. Burr 2003 Collective Bargaining Power in the Municipal Public Sector: An Evaluation of the Compulsory Interest Arbitration Model for Police and Firefighters
Padfield, Sarah C. Agocs 2003 Health Systems Restructuring in Ontario: Public Participation and Regionalization - The Un-Traveled Road
Gautam, Karen P. Kopas 2002 Performance Management: A Local Government Issue. Promoting Efficiency in the City of Ottawa Post Amalgamation
Prno, John A. Sancton 2002 Devolution or Downloading? The Financial and Service Effects of Local Services Realignment on Ontario Ambulance Services
Dean, Linda A. Sancton 2001 Local Solutions for County-Wide Amalgamation: Factors for Success and Failure.  A Comparative Case Study of the Counties of Brant and Dufferin
deHooge, John A. Perez 2001 Labour - Management Relations Within the Fire Service: Building Trust and Respect
Stevenson, Wesley A. Sancton 2001 Governing Municipalities in a Dual Context: An Examination of Urban Indian Reserve Creation Under Article 9 of the Saskatchewan Treaty Land Entitlement Framework Agreement
Ballantine, John A. Perez 2000 Evaluating the Public Participation Methods Used in Toronto's Integrated Solid Waste Resource Management Process
Barrowcliffe, Kelly A. Sancton 2000 Women on Council: A Case Study of 12 Ontario Cities
Chambers, Scott A. Perez 2000 Citizen Participation in the Digital Age: An Evaluation of the Potential of a Web Site to Encourage Community Involvement in School Board Issues
Miller, Kathryn A. Sancton 2000 The District of Cochrane Social Services Administration Board, An Analysis of: The Provincial Objectives Driving Its Formation and the Organization's Capacity to Meet These Objectives

1990 - 1999

NameSupervisorYearFinal Report Title
Cicuttin, John J. McDougall 1999 Financing Urban Transit: An Analysis of Ontario Urban Transit Trends
McIntosh, Malcolm D. Conklin 1999 The Role of Government in Economic Development: A Case Study of the Tourism Industry in Bruce County
James, Rebecca A. Sancton 1998 Intermunicipal Agreements: Case Studies in Durham and York Regions
McQueen, James M.A. deKergommeaux 1998 Development of a Model for User Fees: A Model on Policy Development in Creating and Maintaining User Fees for Municipalities
Nelder, Mary A. Sancton 1998 When is Bigger Not Better?  The Management and Delivery of Social Services on Manitoulin Island
Ramsay, Richard A. Sancton 1998 The Birth of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality
Winch, Moira A. Sancton 1998 Why a Strategic Plan?  A Review of Strategic Planning in Selected Ontario Municipalities 
Evans, Stephen M. Keating 1997 Toward an Economic Development Strategy for the County of Middlesex
Prout, Thomas C. Agocs 1997 Humanizing the Downsizing Process: A Review of a Recent Downsizing Process in Three Conservation Authorities
Frost, Mickey A. Sancton 1996 GTA Reform:  City of Burlington Identification & Analysis of the Process Used by the City to Evaluate the "Golden" Report
McGinn, Laurie C. Agocs 1996 Investigation of Strategic Planning and Organizational Change:  Halton Regional Police Service
Singer, Geoffrey P. Suttie 1996 Interorganizational Networking in the Local Government Sector:  Case Study of the Municom Network
Best (Hosack), Jennifer A. Sancton 1995 Intermunicipal Servicing Agreements:  Four Case Studies in Huron County
Macdonald, John A. Sancton 1995 The Economic Impact of a Short Term Event on Tourism (1994 National Slo-pitch Tournament)
Osborne, Reed R. Harris 1995 Evaluation of Leadership in Ontario Public Libraries
Smith, Cheryl C. Agocs 1995 Incidence and Impact of Strategic Human Resource Management in Canadian Municipalities
Bigelow, Ann M.A. deKergommeaux 1994 unknown
Schuster, Michael A. Sancton 1994 An Evaluation of the jobs: Ontario Training Program
Allen, Terence A. Sancton 1993 Implementing and Managing Change in the Fire Service
Bragg, Michael A. Sancton 1993 Employee Assistance Programs:  Suitable Tools of Ontario Boards of Health
Cairns, Stephen A. Sancton 1993 Human Services:  The Future Role of Local Government in Ontario
Chan, Karen J. McClain 1993 The Municipal Role in Child Care: Ontario
Clifford, Curry M. Maznevski 1993 Model of Organizational Learning and its Application to the Realities of Public Sector Organizations
Vadeboncoeur, George A. Sancton 1993 Restructuring Local Government in Ottawa-Carleton
Celentano, Jeffrey A. Sancton 1992 Fiscal Impact Analysis:  Applications and Usage in Ontario Municipalities
Curtis, Bruce A. Sancton 1992 The Boundary Adjustment Process:  The Case of Arbitration in the Greater London Area
Marcella, Frank C. Agocs 1992 Role of the Personnel Department
Nickerson, Dean A. Sancton 1992 Issues in the Unorganized Areas of Northern Ontario
Sferrazza, Vincent A. Sancton 1992 Municipal Staff-Council Relations in Theory and Practice:  Examining the Hamilton Gore Park Fiasco
Smith, Christopher A. Sancton 1992 An Investigation of Privatization:  A Local Government Service - The Waterloo County Board of Education School Bus Fleet
Valeriote (Hakim), Noelle C. Agocs 1992 Mentoring in Local Governments:  A Focus on Women
Plant, Thomas C. Agocs 1991 Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, 1989:  Organizational Change in the Region of Hamilton-Wentworth

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Limited Circulation Papers

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